We all know what matching is, after so many dating services have advertised their services, over and over again.   In the context of Social Technology, maximal bipartite matching tries to find good matches for everybody.   Elsewhere I’ve talked about matching within a small group of people.  For that purpose, weighted bipartite machine seems best.  When considering human beings, the big problem has always been gathering the data.

Now the ability to do Very Large Scale Social Data Collection without the knowledge or permission of the people involved makes Bipartite Matching very relevant, but it is also very dangerous.

Consider married people.   Unless the matching suggestions are hidden, almost all individuals would be told that someone other than their spouse would be much better spouse.   Almost everyone would be presented with the dilemma of staying married to less compatible person, or getting divorced in favor of the suggested match.  It seems likely that the divorce rate would skyrocket, severely disrupting society.

Married or not, changing partners would be less disruptive for couples without children, but it would still cause social chaos.

Exactly the same thing applies to employers and employees.  Unless the results could be hidden, almost every employer would be told that none of their current employees are the best for the job.   Equally, every employee would be told of a better job elsewhere.  If these changes could be done quickly and easily, all would be fine — but that would not happen, once again there would be social chaos.

On the bright side, working out maximal weighted matchings would mean everyone could have a compatible spouse or lover.  Everyone could have a good job.

Briefly, a much much better society would be available, but only on the other side of social disruption far beyond anything we have experienced.  It is not clear that society could even survive that transition.  Over the course of a generation or so, everything might settle down — but only if other threats didn’t cause problems.

The Recursive Exhaustion algorithm which would provide data for maximal weighted matching could allow malicious people to take advantage of the chaos.

There are no obvious solutions to these problems.






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